Advanced Academic Partnership for Legal and Human Rights Education | AAPLHRE

Human Rights Academy 2012 (opens larger image) © Mesfin Ayele

Project Coordinator: Wolfgang Benedek

Assistant Project Coordinator: Stefan Salomon

Coordinating Institution: University of Graz

Partner Institutions: Ethiopian Civil Service University (Solomon Abay Yimer), Addis Ababa University (Yitayew Alemeyahu)

Partner Country: Ethiopia

Project Duration: 1st of February 2016 – 30th of November 2020


Designed for a period of three years, this project and its ideals and activities are demand-driven, empirically grounded on the social and political realities in Ethiopia and responsive to partnership demands of the two academic institutions in the South. The project is initiated after a thorough assessment and identification of needs of the Southern institutions in the designated fields of intervention. All the major stakeholders in Ethiopia have been consulted in designing the project, including the judiciary. In substance, all elements of the proposed project are perfectly aligned with national development strategies of the Ethiopian government, envisaged inter alia in the National Human Rights Action Plan and the Growth and Transformation Plan. The main activities of this partnership build on the findings of the previous project while introducing a substantial variation in the qualitative objectives and target groups. The activities include short term exchange visits, PhD and MA curricula development, Legal and Human Rights Academy; problem-oriented research; and admission of teaching staff to the PhD Program at the KFUG.