Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development

APPEAR is a programme of the Austrian Development Cooperation

“Tropical Agro-ecosystems Conference” from 13th to 16th of December 2017, on Ssese Islands, Uganda

In the second week of December 2017 the team of the APPEAR Project Strengthening of Higher Education, Research and Community Outreach in Agro-Ecology in the Rwenzori Region in …

Cooperation in an unequal space

A report from the EADI Nordic Conference 2017, published in 104 in November 2017, pp. 36-37 (text is in German).

On knowledge, the mobile phone and agriculture

"Farmers have to be involved in the generation of knowledge, so that their traditional knowledge and specific demands can be considered". SCARA in the 104 (in German)

"If you cannot be found on the internet, you are invisible"

Doris Bauer on Open Access as an opportunity for researchers from the "global South" to participate in the global knowledge discourse, published in 104 (in German)

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No further calls for application are envisaged until the end of the current programme phase in 2020.