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EADI, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, is the leading European network in the field of development research and training. EADI is a Europe-wide network of institutes, researchers and students of various disciplines in the field of development studies. It organises activities and offers facilities for the international exchange of knowledge and experience in the professional field. Its most prominent activity is a General Conference devoted to a topical issue every three years.

A panel for the EADI Nordic Conference was organised by the APPEAR Office in 2017.


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The African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE) is an independent, non-profit making, non-governmental African network committed to the advancement of high quality research, capacity building and advocacy on internationalization of higher education with prime focus on Africa. The network aims to be the leading organization in enhancing the understanding and development of the international dimension of higher education in Africa by expanding both knowledge and building, strengthening and sustaining a cohort of competent professionals in this field.

The APPEAR Office was represented at the ANIE conference 2016 through presentations and panel discussions.

this human world film festival © THW

Vienna’s first international human rights film festival is a platform of cinematic art and critical discourse, a space of encounter and dialogue, and a meeting point for young innovative filmmakers, both local and international. We consider cinema not only an artistic form wherein narrative experiences are performed or created, but also an opportunity for the audience to step out of their comfort zone and into dialogue with new challenging realities.

In the this human world 2016 festival APPEAR hosted one night with participation of the PROSOWO II project.

© Eva Müllner

Der Runde Tisch Hochschulbildung Global ist ein überparteilicher, fach- und ressortübergreifender Zusammenschluss von einem Dutzend öffentlicher und zivilgesellschaftlicher Einrichtungen, darunter vier Bundesministerien, Wissenschaftsinstitutionen, Dachorganisationen und Service-Einrichtungen.

Donor Harmonization Group

© University of Basel

The informal group of organisations, called the “Donor Harmonization Group” was initiated by EP-Nuffic and SIU and meets annually to increase exchange and collaboration among its members.

The group is open for organisations involved in development cooperation programmes and the higher education and research sector with an interest in donor harmonization. Since the first seminar in 2010 European and international funding organisations working in higher education collaboration in developing countries have met in an annual forum to share good practices and experience and create collaborative networks.

The APPEAR Office hosted the 2016 seminar in Vienna.