Project implementation

A detailed and comprehensive information section that covers all requirements and procedures that are necessary during project implementation can be found in project implementation.

Reporting project partnerships

During the project various reports must be submitted to document progress and costs. This section covers all the necessary information and guidelines for reporting of Academic, Advanced Academic and Extended Impact Partnerships.

Reporting preparatory funding

This section provides a detailed overview and all the necessary documents for reporting of preparatory funding.

Embedded scholarship application

This section provides all the necessary information on scholarship applications embedded in an ongoing APPEAR partnership.

Gender Mainstreaming

A detailed collection of gender mainstreaming material has been collected which aims at supporting applicants and project partnern in including a gender perspective in their partnership. Strategies, toolkits, articles, examplary questions for the consideration of gender perspectives, etc. can be found at gender mainstreaming.

Disability Mainstreaming

This section offers a manual which provides some insight into the concept of inclusion and gives basic information concerning some of the most important and most-cited keywords and related concepts with regard to disability mainstreaming and inclusion.

Open Access

With regard to sustainable development and fair distribution of knowledge APPEAR promotes the idea of Open Access. Research findings and publications of APPEAR projects become freely available and offer opportunities for further build-up on project results. Thereby Open Access can contribute to the sustainability of the programme.In the framework of APPEAR project partners have to support free and permanent access to scientific publications. This means that Open Access is obligatory for scientific publications that result from APPEAR-funded projects or from findings thereof.

Detailed information on requirements, accepted Open Access models, licensing and repositories can be found in open access.