Disability Mainstreaming and Diversity Strategy

Disability mainstreaming manual

The aim of this manual, which was developed during the second APPEAR programme phase, is to provide some insight into the concept of inclusion and to give basic information concerning some of the most important and most-cited keywords and related concepts with regard to disability mainstreaming and inclusion. A set of possible activity fields for APPEAR, of questions to be asked when developing proposals or implementing projects, and a collection of further links for reading and online tools has been compiled. All this information has been collected and elaborated with a particular focus on higher education projects for development.

"Disability Mainstreaming practical information and advice"

Diversity strategy

Based on experience from the second programme phase, the disability mainstreaming manual has been supplemented with the concept of diversity, whereby the concept of inclusion remains of central importance and will not be replaced. As part of the project conception and implementation, applicants and project partners shall expand questions from the Disability Mainstreaming Manual with a broader concept of diversity and adjust their respective project context accordingly.

Diversity strategy