A variety of event formats are organised by the APPEAR Office and the projects themselves. Film Days, the APPEAR in practice series, participation and programme / project presentations in other networks and conferences, etc.

Information on past events, including a short recap and photo galleries can be found in events.

APPEAR in media

All kind of articles, e.g. newspaper, newsletter, articles, print and online content related to completed and ongoing APPEAR projects as well as news on programme level can be found in APPEAR in media.

APPEAR on air

The programme series of the OeAD team for education and research for international development cooperation makes transcultural experiences audible and provides an open forum for transnational discourses and reflexions. Based on APPEAR projects and other working areas of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research topics are explored in a lively way and with a view to mobility, transculturalism and internationalisation.

Radio programmes of APPEAR funded projects in the framework of Ö1 Campus Radio can be found at APPEAR on air.


The APPEAR Office is constantly expanding its network. The current network includes the Donor Harmonisation Group, the organising committee of the Austrian Development Conference, ANIE, …

A detailed presentation of the cooperation or networking partner institutions including a short description of the aims of these cooperations can be found in networks.


Publications financed by the Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development.