Completed preparatory fundings

The titles of all completed Preparatory Fundings can be found below.

> Capacity Building for Migration Health Training, Research and Policy Analysis in the East African Community and the European Union particularly Austria

> Advancement of local producible and deployable solar technology for use in small scale water applications for agriculture in Kenya

> Feasibility study for joint Water‐Sanitation Master Programme | WatSan Master

> Strengthening remote sensing data processing and interpretation capacities for operational use in agricultural system monitoring

> Capacity building for minimizing human induced impacts on water resources in Nepal and Bhutan | CAMIWA

> Strengthening Higher Education Capacities in Palestine for Gender Equalities | SHE_GE

> Educational Empowerment of Deaf Students | EduDeaf

> Urban Poverty in Ethiopia: Asset Based Community Development as a Strategy for Empowering the Urban Poor and Reducing Poverty | ABCD

> Community based forest ecosystem management for improving the provision of water, energy and livelihood in the mountain region of Nepal

> Social Research on Old Age Vulnerability in Ethiopia

> Cooperation in Regional Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caucasus

> Engage Communities in a Change to Sustainable Agriculture (ChangeLab)

> Competence Network for e-Inclusion and Assistive Technology

> Integrating Issues of Protected Area’s Management into Academic Programmes for Urban Planning of EiABC at Addis Ababa University

> Capacity Development in Poultry Technology, Production and Health towards Improvement of Livelihoods in Eastern Africa

> Sustainable Productivity Enhancement and Management of Local Animal Genetic Resources – Small East African Zebu and Tyrolean Grey Cattle Breeding Strategy

> Rural Disadvantage in Armenia and Moldova: Perspectives for Place Identity Based Territorial Planning and Modelling through Policy Informing Research (PIRP)

> Carbon Offset - Strategies, Monitoring and Adaptive Management in Nepal

> Integration of Social Science in Poverty Eradication Research among Pastoralists by Scientific Researchers (ISPERAPS) 2015-2018

> Academic Collaboration for (Building) Capacity in Environmental Studies (ACCES)

> Local cattle breeds of Burkina Faso – characterisation and sustainable utilization

> A Colonial Giant without a Head: Applying Complex Systems to Sustainable Tourism in Granada, Nicaragua

> Development of a stakeholder driven, regionally embedded and interdisciplinary Master´s Curriculum in Agro-Ecology and Natural Resource Management in the Rwenzori-Region

> Sustainable Highland Rivers Management in Ethiopia (SHRME)

> Empowering forestry training institutions in Kenya to address challenges affecting forestry and involve communities in sustainable forest management – FORSUS

> Socio-economic and Ecological Assessment for Water Resources Management in Kenya (SEAK-WARM)

> A Mozambique Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Capacity Building Initiative

> Digital Preservation Education and Training Program in Gaza

> Strengthening regional capacity in research and training in fisheries and aquaculture for improved food security and livelihoods in Eastern Africa

> Integrating issues of protected area’s management into academic programmes of EiABC at Addis Ababa University

> Implementation and Enhancement of Academic Land Administration Education and Training in Ethiopia

> Strengthening of local Research Capacities at the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University, Nicaragua to confront the effects of Climate Change

> A Multilevel Approach to address Diversity in Nepalese Educational System

> Promotion of Energy-Efficient Buildings Towards Developing Sustainable Environment in the Gaza-Stripe Palestine

> Gendered Conflicts: Impact on Women in the Horn of Africa

> Building Inclusive Urban COMmunities (BInUCOM): Assessing urban communities and identifying options for improvements in energy efficiency, natural resource management, sanitation and gender equality

> Bridging the Gap between Higher Education and Local Challenges through Partnership (BRIDGE): In Search for Sustainable Pathways to Rural Transition in Ethiopia

> Survey Methods for African Development. Bridging Research, Teaching and Social Practice (SMAD)

> Peace Studies Linkage Project

> Waste Rubber Conversion (WaRuCo)

> Strengthening Higher Education and Research Capacity for Development in Africa

> Academic partnership in integrated urban development technologies - an interdisciplinary approach for the sustainable development of informal settlements in Managua/Nicaragua

> Improvement of social work education to foster social development and poverty reduction. An academic exchange of theory, methodology and practice

> In vitro toxicological testing of Palestinian drinking water

> Capacity Building for Rural Development in Occupied Palestinian Territory

> Capacity Building in Engineering Risk Mitigation

> Medical Anthropology and International Health: Master Program and Research

> Taxation and developing countries - Defining strategies to create a well-grounded basis for education, teaching and research activities in the field of taxation in Ethiopia

> Understanding Climate Resilience of Natural Resource Dependent Communities in Nepal (CRNRC)

> University of San Carlos de Guatemala San Carlos - Paris Lodron University Salzburg meeting for Scientific Collaboration - SSUSC

> Strengthening Institutional Capacities through Academic Partnerships in Higher Education, Research and Management / Rural Tourism and Sustainable Product Development through Integrated Research and Higher Education

> Preparation for academic and scientific partnership between University of Graz, Austria, the Ethiopian Civil Service Colllege, Ethiopia, and the Human Rights Centre of the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

> Conflict, Participation, and Development in Palestine

> Design of the Master’s Degree Programme: “Local Development in Central America”

> Local/Regional Development between Global Change and Sustainability: Exchange of Concepts and Practical Experiences - Transfer to Academic Teaching and Local Management

> Research joint programme in Aquatic Lake Ecology AQUALOGY

> Management of Water and Fish Resources in Burkina Faso

> MSc "Management of Protected Areas" - Joint Degree Austria/Nepal

> Assessment of human and institutional capacity for geospatial analysis of climate change impacts in Africa and Europe (ClimeNET)

> Preparation of the Intended Proposal "Promotion of Professional Social Work Towards Social Development and Poverty Reduction in East Africa"

> Gender Responsive Budgeting/Gender Mainstreaming: Research and research dissemination & strengthening of gender responsive management capacities

> Hydraulic Engineering Training in Palestine (HET-PAL)

> InforCidade: Interkulturelle und interdisziplinäre Bewertung der informellen Wohnungsproduktion - am Beispiel eines Gebietes in der Stadt Praia (Kap Verde)

> Water quality assessment for semi-arid environments of Ethiopia for development of sustainable water resource management strategies