AAPLHRE project participates at Film days 2017

13. November 2017
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In this event, researchers of the APPEAR project AAPLHRE in Ethiopia that focuses on human rights education will give additional input on current land use rights and land grabbing, developments and drawbacks in this regard. They are invited as speakers for the discussion after the movie "Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas".

On the 7th of December the movie Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas - that is shortlisted by the European Film Academy for the Best Documentary 2017 Award - will be screened at the Top Kino in Vienna.

The movie explores the issue of big scale agricultural investments, land grabbing and the impact on people's lives, as foreign investors lease milliones of hectares of farmland in Ethiopia. The producers met investors, people engaged in development aid, evicted farmers, persecuted journalists and environmentalists.

After the movie, Kalkidan Negash Obse (Rector of Dilla University / Ethiopia and former APPEAR scholarship holder) and Elshaday Kifle Woldeyesus (PhD student and scholarhsip holder of the University of Graz and Addis Ababa / Ethiopia) will discuss in English about profits with land rights and land grabbing in Ethiopia. Both are team members of the AAPLHRE project.

AAPLHRE which stands for ‘Advanced Academic Partnership for Legal and Human Rights Education between the University of Graz (KFUG-IILIR), Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU-IFLS) and Addis Ababa University (AAU-CHR),’ begun in 2016. The project covers the following  activities:

  • Short term exchange visits (teaching and research);
  • PhD and MA curricula development;
  • Joint problem-oriented research and publication;
  • Organization of Legal and Human Rights Academies;
  • Admission of teaching staffs of the Southern institutions to the PhD programme at the University of Graz.

This event is part of the annual film days that are organised by APPEAR and the KEF, this year in In the course of the International Human Rights Film Festival this human world.