10th APPEAR Call now open for application

1. March 2023
group foto of workshop participants with participants standing in front banner
On 1 March 2023 the 10th Call of the APPEAR programme opened. Deadline for applications is 31 May 2023.

The 10th Call is open for all APPEAR funding instruments, namely: 

  • Preparatory Funding
  • Academic Partnership
  • Advanced Academic Partnership
  • Extended Impact Partnership
  • Individual PhD scholarship application

Applications for Preparatory Funding, Academic Partnerships, Advanced Academic Partnership and Extended Impact Partnership can be submitted by higher education institutions in Austria and higher education institutions and research institutions in ADC priority countries: 

  • Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique
  • Bhutan
  • Palestine
  • Armenia, Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Albania, Kosovo (special requirements apply)

Further information on application process: https://appear.at/en/application

General information on APPEAR III: https://appear.at/en/about-us/general-information

Please note: This is the third call for applications within APPEAR III. Subject to the availability of funds four calls are envisaged until the end of the programme in 2027. This call will be open for all funding instruments (partly with a reduced maximum project duration of 3 years for Academic Partnership projects), while in 2024 funding will only be available for Academic Partnerships, Advanced Academic Partnerships and Extended Impact Partnerships with a reduced maximum project duration.

If you consider applying for Preparatory Funding in this 2023 Call, please note that the resulting Academic Partnership proposal may only be funded under the Call of 2024. Because the 2024 Call will be the last Call of the current programme phase of APPEAR, the maximum project duration for Academic Partnerships will be 2 years.

For further information, please see our guidelines on the call website.