Video online: OeAD Scholars Talk with Lela Khartishvili

18. December 2020
photo of scholarship holder Lela Khartishvili
In this OeAD Scholars Talk Lela Khartishvili from Georgia presented her PhD research on community-based tourism development in the mountain regions of Georgia and Armenia.

In her talk she spoke about proposal writing process, data collection during her field research, as well as the writing and publication process. Furthermore, she elaborated how her research is embedded in the APPEAR project CaucaSusT and the importance of using transdisciplinary methodologies.

Lela Khartishvili is an APPEAR scholarship holder and a PhD student at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). Lela graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Tbilisi State University and began her professional career working in tourism institutions and rural development agencies in Georgia. She participated as a national tourism consultant in various international projects, and also created her own company THE GEORGIAN. In addition, Lela published an annual magazine on tourism and trade. In 2017 she was nominated within the APPEAR project CaucaSusT for a PhD scholarship.

Watch the video of the OeAD Scholars Talk here