APPEAR scholar Kevin Obiero was been awarded a certificate for the best talk

20. December 2018
A woman and a man are sitting somewhere and smiling into the camera. You see several people in the background, sitting or standing around a table.
Kevin Obiero's talk entitled "Impacts of water level fluctuations on fisheries of Lake Turkana: World's largest permanent desert lake" was presented during the 8th Species in Ancient Lakes (SIAL8) Conference held from 29th July to 3rd August 2018 in Entebbe Uganda.

The talk was based on the current challenges facing Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world including climatic changes, dam construction, oil exploration and resource use conflicts. The consequences of these challenges are hunger among the fisherfolks who depend on the lake resources for nutritious fish. The presentation proposed actionable recommendations e.g. enhanced transboundary consultations between Kenya and Ethiopia, increased awareness creation through sharing of best practices and economic and cultural valuation of the uniques natural resources in the region.

This was the first SIAL meeting to be held in Africa at the shores of Lake Victoria. The conference participants celebrated SIAL's 25th Anniversary and made plans towards the future.

Kevin Obiero is in possession of a M.Sc. Degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from Moi University (currently University of Eldoret) specialising in Aquatic Sciences and Aquaculture. He is currently pursuing his PhD studies at BOKU University, focusing on the role of extension systems in innovating aquaculture in Kenya, within the framework of the STRECAFISH project. Prior to starting his PhD research, Kevin was working as a research scientist at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), based at Sangoro Aquaculture Research Station, where he is in charge of research programmes. To upgrade his skills and professional experience, Kevin has attended several short courses and training programmes at international level including; Agriculture in Transition at Wageningen University, Fish Base and Fish Taxonomy Training at Royal Museum of Central Africa, Belgium, and Scientific Academic Exchange Programme at Nagasaki University, Japan.