Austrian Development Cooperation

APPEAR has been conceived, guided and financed by the Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) to implement a new strategy ‘Higher Education and Scientific Cooperation’ in support of Higher Education and Research for Development on an academic institutional level in the priority regions of the ADC.

More information the ADC and the higher education strategy can be found in Austrian Development Cooperation.

General information

The overall objective is to strengthen the institutional capacities in higher education, research and management in the addressed countries through Academic Partnerships with Austrian higher education institutions and master’s and PhD scholarships as a contribution to effective and sustainable reduction of poverty.

Information regarding the thematic focus, eligible countries, programme components, basic principles, as well as about the funding instruments namely Advanced / Academic Partnerships, Preparatory Funding, Master's and PhD scholarships can be found at general information.

Progress reports

This website provides access to APPEAR's progress reports and valuable insights into the programme's activities, achievements and ongoing initiatives.

The reports typically cover a specific period and highlight key areas of focus such as project selection, scholarships and networking events. Through the regular publication of these reports, the website ensures that stakeholders and interested parties can stay informed about APPEAR's ongoing activities and track its progress over time.

Programme and project evaluations

This subpage serves as a comprehensive repository for past and future evaluations of the APPEAR programme and it's projects.

Selection Board / Advisory Board

The decision making bodies are the Selection Board and the Advisory Board.

While the Selection Board (SB) awards funding from component 1 (Preparatory Funding, Academic Partnerships, Advanced Academic Partnerships) and component 2 (PhD scholarships if not embedded in existing APPEAR projects) of the APPEAR programme, the Advisory Board advises the ADA and the APPEAR office in technical and strategic issues (e.g. international developments and the resulting challenges for the programme) and contributes on a meta-level to the further development of the programme.

More information including the respective Terms of Reference and the members of the board can be found in Selection Board and Advisory Board.