Activities and scientific achievements

Publication “Good Aquaculture Practices for Seed Production in Kenya”

14. March 2017

Scholarship holder and PhD student Kevin Obiero co-authored this publication. The “Good Aquaculture Practices for Seed Production in Kenya” guidelines published in 2017 is the …

Panel Discussion - World Food Day 2016

6. February 2017

Scholarship holder Sara Kaweesa participated in a panel discussion to mark the world food day event organised by Ökosoziales Forum in Vienna.

Wüstenritter: Die Tuareg – zwischen Rebellion und sanftem Tourismus (Whg.)

9. January 201759:48

Der Saharaforscher Harald A. Friedl hat vor dem erneuten Ausbruch der Rebellion nachhaltige Tourismusprojekte in Niger initiiert und berichtet von seinen Erfahrungen und …

Film Days 2016 | participation of PROSOWO project

29. December 2016

In cooperation with the "this human world" film festival APPEAR screened the documentary "Unforgiven: Rwanda”. The film presented the process of forgiveness and reconciliation 20 …

Participation in the conference Tropentag 2016, Vienna

2. December 2016

This year the Tropentag, a development-oriented and interdisciplinary conference, addressing issues such as resource management, environment, agriculture and poverty alleviation …