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APPEAR in practice_13: Water, energy and food security in East Africa

14. August 2019Development Research

Insights into integrated natural resource management with examples from Kenya and Uganda.

Transdisciplinarity for sustainable tourism development in Armenia

10. January 2019Development ResearchHigher Education

In Meghradsor community, the first case study course in the framework of the APPEAR project Transdisciplinarity for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caucasus Region | …

Article on inclusive education in 107/2018

8. January 2019Higher EducationPartnershipsDevelopment Research

Article in German only!

"Inklusive Bildung als Leitziel der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit" ist der Titel des Artikels von Prof. Gottfried Biewer von der Universität Wien, der die …

Former North-South Dialogue scholarship holder Basanta Raj Adhikari received Young Affiliates Award

2. January 2019AlumniDevelopment ResearchResearcher

On 29th November, 2018 Dr. Basanta Raj Adhikari has received the "Young Affiliates Award" of the World Academy of Sciences - TWAS in Trieste, Italy. He received this prestigious …

Austausch und Vernetzung laufender APPEAR-Projekte

3. December 2018PartnershipsDevelopment Research

Mittwoch vergangener Woche, am 28.11., fand im OeAD-Haus ein weiteres APPEAR-Projektleiter/innen-Treffen statt. APPEAR ist das Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education …