Promoting Renewable energy and engineering among female high school students in Gaza

11. February 2020
Female high school students inspect solar panel at high school yard
In December 2019 Prof. Hala J. El-Khozondar and Dr. Rifa J. El-Khozondar from the Electrical Engineering Department at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) visited Baheer Al-Rais female high school to promote renewable energy and electrical engineering.

During their visit they made a demonstration in the school yard how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy followed by a lecture about types of solar panels, how they work and their different applications. Lectures and demonstrations were joined by their teachers and the headmistress.

In return, female students and their science teacher visited the new renewable energy laboratory and the maker-movement-space laboratory installed as part of the project MakingFutureEnergy4Palestine. During the visit, students got a brief presentation about the project, which also aims to get in particular female students acquainted with renewable Energy technologies and its market. Students had a chance to take a look at the experiments which showed all types of renewable energy in particular solar energy and wind energy. They were able to see the difference between using solar energy for heating and using it for producing energy. In addition, students had a chance to see how an inverter works. They also expressed their appreciations when they learned that female students at the electrical engineering department built the inverter by themselves as part of their homework for the renewable energy course, which was also established as part of the project. At the end of the visit, small gifts were given to students and photos were taken together.