Latest achievements of the CBEEB Project

18. November 2019
Speakers of Symposium pose for group photo
In October 2019 the Architectural Engineering Department of the Islamic University Gaza (IUG) in cooperation with the Institute of Architectural Sciences of Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) held a symposium and exhibition to exchange knowledge, research findings, new ideas and projects related to the field of energy efficient building.

According to Prof. Muhaisen, "the symposium helps broaden the horizons of knowledge for students who are on their way to design energy-efficient buildings". One of the participating engineering students confirmed that she and her colleagues are in desperate need to know how to design an energy-efficient building. The two-session symposium discussed several topics such as: solar architecture, intelligent buildings, sustainable urban planning, renewable energy applications, energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning tools, and geothermal energy. The symposium is an extension of a series of activities included in the CBEEB Project that concentrates on building the capacities for energy-efficient buildings towards a sustainable built environment in the Gaza Strip.

Other recent activities of the CBEEB Project include the design of a 60 m² eco-house building to be constructed soon at the university. In addition, two labs have been inaugurated: a computer lab and an energy-efficient room. On the academic level, two master and bachelor courses have been developed and researchers participated in different international conferences.  A new book corner has been added to the central library of IUG, which contains more than 160 English language books on energy efficient building.

On the practical side, 50 trainees from different sectors were indulged in training workshops and field visits to companies, under the supervision of the CBEEB team, to review the developments and techniques that are utilized in the energy-efficient buildings.