Accreditation of a Professional Diploma Course in Energy Efficient Buildings in Gaza

Islamic University of Gaza - Administration Building
This new diploma course is the first in Palestine and will be of considerable benefits to build the capacity of local staff. It was developed in the framework of the CBEEB project, a cooperation between IUG and TU Vienna.

As part of CBEEB project activities the first professional diploma course in energy efficient buildings has been accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC) at the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education. The diploma will be offered by the community and continuing education center, and supervised by the architectural engineering department at IUG (Islamic University of Gaza). It is a one-year diploma that targets the graduates and practicing architects and engineers in the local organizations involved in the sector of building design and construction in the Gaza Strip. They will be trained on producing more energy efficient buildings, taking into consideration the local influencing factors. It includes theoretical part covering the background of the subject, in addition to a considerable practical part using computer simulation programmes, site visits and lab-based training. It will contribute to building the capacity of local organizations and making the approach of energy efficient buildings more achievable, in addition to creating more job opportunities associated with energy efficient buildings for Gazan people.