Dr Yinager Dessie becomes Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia

Yinager Dessie
The former OeAD scholarship holder Yinager Dessie presumes the renowned position as Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia.

We would like to cordially congratulate our former scholarship holder Dr Yinager Dessie on becoming Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia!

Dr Yinager Dessie was appointed to his new position by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, replacing Teklewold Atnafu, the so far longest serving Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia.

Yinager completed his PhD at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). His PhD research focused on “The Role of Institutions for Sustainable Land Management, The Case of North Gonder Zone, Ethiopia”. After his studies he worked in several high-level governmental positions in Ethiopia. Prior to his current appointment, he was commissioner of the National Planning Commission, a government body dealing with an economic policy with the rank of a ministry. To this position he had been appointed by former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in 2015. In running the at that time newly formed National Planning Commission, Yinager Dessie replaced Mekonen Manyazewal, an architect of Ethiopia’s successive growth and transformation plans, who retired from public service a couple of weeks ago. Before moving to the Planning Commission, Yinager had worked as State Minister for Foreign Affairs, after having departed his post in the Amhara Regional State. He had been elected to the Central Committee of the ANDM, the governing party in the regional state, in 2006. Yinager is also chairman in the boards of directors of several companies.

The photo was taken at a BOKU Almuni Meeting in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in 2013. In the photo Dr Yinager is second from the left.