2nd annual meeting of ACCES project team

2nd annual project meeting
The teams of the Georgian Technical University (GTU) and the BOKU met for their second annual project meeting engaging in discussion and exchange.

The project partners of the project Academic Collaboration for (Building) Capacity in Environmental Studies (ACCES) came together from June 11th to 15th 2018 for the second annual meeting hosted by the Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management (IHLW), BOKU Vienna. The meeting was loaded with dynamic academic discussions and exchange during target meetings with the academic staff from the BOKU University. The project is currently delivering to the agreed timetable.

The major ongoing task is a systematic review of the Master's programme in Water Engineering and the update of selected master courses including contents, text books and syllabuses, teaching methods and tools, approaching of gender issues, etc. These courses will serve as a basis for the development of the new Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.

Therefore, this meeting focused on sharing experiences, best practice-examples and lessons learned during curricula development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of relevant programmes at the BOKU. The involvement of stakeholders and students into the process was also discussed.

A major result of the meeting was the finalized Agreement and Program for Cooperation between both universities, BOKU and GTU for the next three years, keeping in mind the intentions of the current project. The main purpose is to facilitate and to enhance academic cooperation in the fields of training, research, curriculum development, postgraduate education, quality assurance, institutional development, information dissemination, and exchange of students, faculty and staff.

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