Popularizing scientific results

Sara Kaweesa
“It is important to popularize scientific results so that people make informed connections to what is stake in the hope that this can eventually be reflected in the choices they make at all levels.” says APPEAR scholarship holder Sara Kaweesa. Short videos go a long way in doing that. Sara is the narrator of three short videos about conservation agriculture, a topic she is currently working on for her doctoral thesis. Sara stresses that her role as narrator gave her the opportunity to learn more about this topic as well as do something that fits her natural inclination, which is speaking.

The video is part of the project "Innovative Conservation Agriculture Approaches: Food Security and Climate Action Through Soil and Water Conservation", funded as ERAfrica initiative facilitated by the Commission for Development Research, Austria.

  • Watch this video for an introduction on how to start a multi-stakeholder learning process.
  • Watch this video for an introduction to elements of a multi-stakeholder learning process.
  • Watch this video for an introduction to different types of change promotion in a multi-stakeholder learning process.

Sara Helen Kaweesa is continuing her doctorate at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). Her thesis on conservation agriculture uses Mid-Northern Uganda as a case study. Prior to that, Sara convened a non-governmental organisation that engages in innovative projects on sustainable development. Sara was a secondary school teacher before furthering her carrier. She holds training certificates from agencies like Tear Fund, UNEP, Oxfam GB and IIED among others. With over thirteen years of work experience, Sara has had influence in several alliances at local, national and global levels. She has widely travelled and spoken at local and international gatherings, in Uganda and abroad. She serves on a few boards and is an alumna of the Tropical Biology Association and the Earth Watch Institute. Sara is a self-motivated woman leader and is such a speaker that often leaves her audience inspired.