STRECAFISH project held a “Women in Aquaculture” training workshop

5. October 2017
Women's Aquaculture Training Workshop in Kenya 2017
The training was organised as part of University-Public / Private Partnership and brought together 23 women stakeholders mostly fish farmers, NGO representatives and government extension officers.

The APPEAR project STRECAFISH in Kenya held a two-days training workshop - from 12th to 13th June 2017 - at the University of Eldoret for women stakeholders in aquaculture.

The hands-on training focused on current and emerging issues in aquaculture including: re-circulatory systems and aquaponics, fish feed technology, ornamental aquaculture, record keeping and gender issues in aquaculture. A plenary session further registered requests for more specialised training in the future and culminated in the formation of a networking WASSUP platform amongst the participants in order to facilitate information sharing amongst the fish farmers and linkage with university experts. Participants were awarded certificates of attendance.