Volunteering at the Open Learning Initiative Courses for Refugees – OLIve

Scholarship holder Bruktawit Kassa
The University of Vienna is offering free academic courses for individuals with refugee or asylum seeking status in Austria or another country of the European Economic Area (EEA) who have an interest in pursuing University studies. Within this programme APPEAR scholarship holder Bruktawit Kassa offers academic writing sessions, facilitates discussions and helps in administrative matters.

Bruktawit Ejigu Kassa works as a volunteer at the first cycle (April to June 2017) of Open Learning Initiative Courses for Refugees – OLIve.

Bruktawit Ejigu Kassa from Ethiopia is a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna, Department of Communication. Her research aims to explore gender and the media in the African context. She is interested in studying the role of media on the framing and construction of gender notions and ideologies. Bruktawit got her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English Language from Haramaya University, Ethiopia in 2004, and completed her Master's degree in Journalism and Communication in 2008 at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Her thesis investigated the framing of gender violence by the Ethiopian print media. Before joining the University of Vienna, she had been teaching in the Department of Journalism and Mass communication at Haramaya University, Ethiopia. Furthermore she has also served as the head of the Department for three years.