Four Ugandan agricultural scientists within the APPEAR project AER explored Austrian organic farms

AER team during a visit on a dairy farm in Salzburg
During two weeks in May 2017 a group of four Ugandan agricultural scientists from the Mountains of the Moon University from Western Uganda together with their partners from BOKU (Division of Organic Farming and the Centre for Development Research) went on excursion trough several areas in Austria to discover and experience the differences and similarities in the implementation of the principles of organic farming by organic farmers.

The visits included different Organic farms and institutions in Burgenland, Carinthia, Salzburg and Upper Austria ranging from low-land Organic farms with up to 140ha arable crops, different types of Organic farms in the mountainous area with agro-tourism/Organic Hotel, sustainable forestry, hay production for pets& production of spirits, sheep, pig and cattle breeding, dairy farming (with different types of pasture management), production of potatoes and other vegetables, ), beekeeping, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at Lake Weissensee to an agricultural vocational school. Beside the exploration of the diverse organic farms and institutions, partners from Uganda enjoyed the diversity of Austrian landscapes.

AER team thanks all farmers and hosts for their hospitality, the great food and drinks provided and especially for sharing their expertise and the vivid discussions.