Ö1 Campusradio - Marsch für soziale Gerechtigkeit in Ostafrika

Listen to Helmut Spitzer and Sabrina Riedl from the project PROSOWO. They talked about the recently held Social Work Conference in Kampala and about the contribution of social …

Ö1 Campusradio - Gleiche Chancen, gleiche Rechte: Menschen mit Behinderung in Äthiopien

Listen to project coordinator Gottfried Biewer and team member Michelle Proyer from the project RESPOND-HER. They were invited to talk about the disability mainstreaming process at …

APPEAR in practice_4

The art of creating spaces for rural and urban communities - Examples from Nicaragua and Palestine: The two appear projects RURAL_DEV in Palestine and URBAN_MANAGUA in Nicaragua …

Ö1 Campusradio - Homosexualität ist (k)ein Tabu: Menschenrechte in Afrika

Listen to Christian Pippan, project team member of the APLHRE project and to appear grant holder and PhD candidate at the Karl-Franzens University, Kalkidan Obse. They were invited …

Ö1 Campusradio - Wissen.Schafft.Entwicklung. Filmtage 2014: Eat.Drink.Live.

This radio broadcast introduces the outline of the Film Days 2014, presents the movies and the topics of discussion.