Gender Mainstreaming

Incorporating the perspective of gender relations in all processes, activities and measures – gender mainstreaming - is an essential aspect of APPEAR. Gender dimensions are regarded as an implicit part of a contemporary discourse in science and research. The gender-sensitive perception and analysis of society – and thus the unequal distribution of social power, resources and opportunities within a society – is obligatory in teaching and research cooperation.

The implementation of the gender mainstreaming principle thus becomes a cross-sectional task in APPEAR, this means that the gender dimensions are systematically integrated on the programme and on the project level. All measures are examined regarding their implications for gender.

When planning and implementing APPEAR projects, gender is a critical issue on the structural / organisational level and on the content level. Women participate equally in the planning and the implementation of projects. The integration of gender perspectives in the project, teaching and research contents is not only supported but implicitly claimed from the project partners.

Gender strategy

Integration of gender in project proposal

The following document serves as guidelines for applicants and reflects the criteria for the external reviewers with a particular view on gender perspectives in the thematic and organisational dimensions.

Ongoing projects do equally benefit from these exemplary questions.

Examples of gender perspectives in projects

Offices for promotion of women and gender studies

Website offers overview of offices for the promotion of women and gender studies at Austrian higher education institutions.