Former and current scholars contribute to SUSFISHBook on Sustainable Fisheries in Burkina Faso

16. December 2020
Members of the SUSFISH Consortium in Ouagadougou September 2019 where the SUSFISHBook was initiated
After 10 years of SUSFISH, the project team has put together a book summarizing key findings, insights and results, rounding off a successful partnership.

The SUSFISHBook, Sustainable Fisheries and Water Management - Transformation Pathways for Burkina Faso, presents a path forward for sustainable fisheries, highlighting project approaches in order to inspire innovation. OeAD alumnus Raymond Ouedraogo was one of the project coordinators and editor of the book. Former APPEAR scholars Idrissa Kabore and Mano Komandan as well as the current scholar Vincent-Paul Sanon contributed with their research to the SUSFISHBook. Other valuable contributions include the insights of eight master- and five doctoral theses.

The project member’s strong commitment to cooperate, yielded results from natural, political and the social sciences, tackling recent challenges in Burkinabe fisheries and sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems. Research encompassed systemic assessment of interactions and linkages affecting Burkinabe fisheries, including threats to aquatic ecosystems, climatic change, fish- and benthic macroinvertebrate ecology and socio-economic challenges. The SUSFISHBook gives insight and stimulation for devel-opment and research in a sphere thus enhancing the understanding of socio-economic development of African inlands waters. It will serve as a basis for further development of science and policies for a better future in fisheries. This critical summary suggests new path-ways for development of a long-term vision for fish resources and aquatic eco-system, following new political trends of sustainable development.

The book is freely available for download on the project website and on researchgate

Melcher A., R. Ouedraogo, A. Oueda, J Somda, P Toe, J. Sendzimir, G. Slezak, C. Voigt (2020) SUSFISHBook -Sustainable Fisheries and Water Management. Transformation Pathways for Burkina Faso. SUSFISH+ Project Consortium - ISBN: 978-3-9504470-9-5